It’s a Florida homeowner’s and business owner’s nightmare. It’s black mold. No one wants to find black mold on their property and discovering there’s black mold can cause distress for the entire family. 

Unfortunately, black mold can go unseen for quite a bit of time. It lurks behind walls and ceilings and in hard-to-reach areas in the home. The longer it goes undetected, however, the more it spreads and the more difficult it becomes to remove it. 

Knowing the signs can help you detect it in its early stages. Continue reading the guide below for a few signs to be on the lookout for. 

1. Visual Signs

The first sign to be aware of is the visual sign. If you happen to notice black or dark brown spots in your home, then this could be black mold. Remember, mold doesn’t always grow in places where it’s easily seen. 

Mold likes to grow in dark, moist conditions. For this reason, be sure to check your bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room. You should also check under sink cabinets, around bathtubs and showers, and behind washer machines. 

If you’re aware of a recent leak in the home, then be sure to check the area where the leak was. You may need to remove ceiling tiles, air ducts, and whole cabinets to find the mold. 

2. Worsening Health Conditions

It has a negative effect on health. Although some can live with black mold in the home with no symptoms, it could still be affecting health without the person knowin. It can cause allergy-like symptoms, which are then dismissed as normal allergies. 

This mold can also worsen current health conditions, such as asthma. If you feel like your home is making you sick, then it might be time to check for black mold. 

3. Conducting a Mold Test

One of the best ways to determine if mold is in your home or not is to conduct a mold test. Professional mold services can come into your home and conduct a mold inspection and then perform mold testing to determine if mold is present. The professionals have the knowledge and experience needed to confirm mold in the home. 

They also have the necessary tools and equipment to find the mold and then perform remediation supervision or post-remediation verification to ensure the job was done correctly. 

Is Your Property a Victim of Black Mold?

Do you believe your Orlando home or property might be a victim of black mold? Use the information given above to determine if your home might have black mold growing inside it. After reviewing all of these signs in the home, be sure to contact a professional mold service in your area.

Elite Mold Services based out of Orlando, Florida offers mold inspections, testing, remediation supervision, and post-remediation verification. 

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