ERMI mold testing

ERMI Mold Testing: Answering Your Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know that about 70 percent of homes around the nation have mold? Yes, you read that right. So if you're interested in Environmental Relative Moldiness Index, or ERMI mold testing, you're not alone! Looking for ERMI mold testing near me? If that's the...
well water

What You Need to Know About Well Water FHA/VA Testing

If you are looking to build or buy your own home with the help of a government-backed Federal Housing Loan (FHA), you are not alone. The Federal Government approved low-interest mortgages for hundreds of thousands of Americans last year alone, with demand rising in...
Prevent Mold

7 Key Steps to Take to Prevent Mold (Plus What to Do If You’re Too Late)

Did you know that about 70% of homes in the U.S. are infested or have been infested with mold at one point? A very shocking statistic considering most people are oblivious of having mold behind their walls or in other places at home. If you have mold in your home, at...
mold growing

Do You Need to Worry About Mold Growing in Your Face Mask?

Are you concerned about mold growing in your mask? You're not alone. Wearing your face mask repetitiously without washing it could encourage mold growth, so the threat of mask-borne mold is real. Breathing in mold could lead to unwanted respiratory disorders,...
how do you test for mold

How Do You Test for Mold? The Process Explained

If you're a child under the age of 5, you have almost a 1 in 10 chance of dying from a disease exacerbated by outdoor and indoor air pollution. About 1 in 9 deaths around the world are due to indoor and outdoor air pollution.  Aren't we told to stay indoors when the...
mold testing

How To Know If Your Mold Testing Is Reliable

Mold can make your home uncomfortable—and unhealthy. A mold allergy can cause coughing and eye irritation. It can also contribute to other symptoms that can make you downright miserable. For some people, their mold allergies are linked to asthma. In this case,...
ermi test

Pop Quiz: Does Your Home Need an ERMI Test for Mold?

Did you know that no one knows how many homes are affected by mold? Despite their best efforts, there's not a good way to estimate the numbers. That means that you could be dealing with mold within your own home. There are some signs that you can watch out for to know...
mold inspection cost

How Much Does a Mold Inspection Cost on Average?

Maybe you're moving into a new, but slightly run-down home? Perhaps your existing home has taken on water? Whatever the case may be, you're considering a professional mold inspection.  But before you do, you want to get a feel for the expense. Fortunately, we can help...
how to reduce humidity

How to Reduce Humidity in Your House: 8 Effective Ways

Excess humidity in your home can cause many problems. This guide gives 8 effective ways of how to reduce humidity in your house.

mold inspection and testing

Is Mold Inspection and Testing Necessary?

Finding mold in your home is a major frustration and concern. Your health can be at risk and mold can spread fast, leading to nasty property damage. The first reaction to mold is to call in the professionals. A good mold inspection and testing, followed by removal, is...

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