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Central Florida Mold Testing

The inspection will help determine what type of testing is needed to properly assess the extent of the mold growth inside the property. There are many testing options for mold growth such as; Air sampling, swab sampling (of suspected visible mold growth), carpet sampling, wall cavity sampling, bulk sampling (of affected material), ERMI mold testing & culturable mold samples (for speciation). Elite Mold Services will determine what type & how many samples should be taken in order to properly assess the mold infestation. The samples are sent to a certified microbiology laboratory for analysis & results will be available as soon as 24 hours.

Elite Mold Testing Services:

Whole House Air Sampling

This is a more inclusive type of test that will let you know what is in the air you are breathing. All air samples will be completed using Zefon spore trap cassettes (Air-O-Cell) to ensure the most reliable results. The Air-O-Cell is designed for the rapid collection of a wide range of airborne aerosols including mold spores, pollen, insect parts, skin cells, fibers and inorganic particulate.

The home’s air is drawn through the spore trap cassette using a self-contained IAQ pump and then all biological particles are impacted on to the slides surface. The standard for all of our tests are a minimum of 2 samples inside and 1 sample outside (to have a baseline for comparison). These cassettes are then sent to the lab for analysis. The reports will show the type of mold and the amount of mold in the air (per cubic meter).

Elite Mold Services can even perform “Behind-the-wall” air samples that will confirm if hidden mold growth exists in the cavity space behind the surface of the wall

Swab Sampling or Lift Sampling

This is a specific type of test performed when there is visible mold growth. We use a wetted swab or Bio-Tape to lift the growth off the surface and then seal it in a specialized container. This will then be forwarded to an AIHA accredited laboratory for analysis. The report will include the spore name and the description.

This test is useful in confirming type of mold that is present (allergenic, toxic or pathogenic). This test can also be used in conjunction with air sampling to determine if the suspected mold growth has become airborne.

Carpet Sampling

Carpet sampling can be a useful tool to help get a “history” of the mold levels & types found inside a home. If there was an active mold problem and the mold spores became airborne, they will settle into the carpet pile. The carpet is then vacuumed with a special mold/dust collector nozzle which can then be analyzed for mold spore counts.

There are 3 types of analysis:

  1. Direct ID with a microscope – Genus level only
  2. Culture sample – Genus & Species of viable spores only
  3. ERMI mold testing – Genus & Species level of all cells found

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