Homeowners routinely fret about the possibility of mold. It’s a rational concern, too, since an estimated 70 percent of homes have mold to one degree or another. It’s usually a minor problem, but a widespread one.

Of course, most homeowners worry about mold because it can damage the house or bring down the value of a property. With an average home price hovering around $350,000, who can blame them?

Yet, mold isn’t just a problem for home prices. You can actually develop an illness from mold. One example is CIRS or chronic inflammatory response syndrome.

Not sure what CIRS is? Keep reading for our brief guide.

What Is CIRS?

In essence, chronic inflammatory response syndrome or mold biotoxin illness is a condition that affects multiple systems in the body. It typically happens when someone experiences exposure to a water-damaged building.

In some cases, a short exposure can trigger the problem. In other cases, the problem develops from multiple exposures over time.

Your body reacts to the mold or rather the biotoxins that things like mold spores or fungus fragments often carry. The immune system overreacts to those biotoxins and ends up attacking the body.

On top of that, your immune system gets weaker over time because it’s working too hard, which makes you susceptible to other medical problems.

Things that your body might otherwise fight off, like the flu, can become life-threatening problems.

Symptoms of CIRS

In addition to affecting multiple systems in your body, CIRS also has multiple symptoms. Some of the more common symptoms include:

  • Stomach pain
  • Disorientation
  • Impaired memory
  • Body aches
  • Vertigo
  • Excessive thirst

Of course, the symptoms can become much more exotic than that depending on which systems and tissues your immune system attacks. Other symptoms can include static shocks, blurred vision, and skin sensitivity.

CIRS Treatments

Treatment for CIRS takes multiple approaches. One of the most important treatments is limiting future exposure. This can range from mold remediation in your home to a full-on move.

Other treatments will include prescription medications, antioxidants, and dietary changes. Your treatment may also include binding agents, such as activated charcoal.

Avoiding Illness from Mold

One of the best ways you can avoid mold-based illnesses like CIRS is knowing about what, if any, mold there is in your own home. This is mostly because your home is the most likely source of exposure.

Fortunately, you can find mold testing services in most locations.

CIRS and You

An illness from mold like CIRS isn’t a foregone conclusion for everyone who gets exposed. There is a genetic component involved. Of course, most people only discover their predisposition after they develop a condition like CIRS.

Given how serious some of the symptoms can prove, your best bet is to avoid exposure to water-damaged buildings and the mold they grow if at all possible. If you’re not sure about the mold status in your home, consider getting it tested.

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