The discovery of mold in your house is likely to send you into a panic.

Before you rush to the internet in search of a mold inspection service, be sure to do your research.

Mold inspection mistakes can occur, and you must know how to avoid them. Continue reading for more on the five common mold inspection mistakes to avoid in your home.  

1. Failure to Research

Not all mold inspection companies are properly qualified, and you run the risk of being taken advantage of if you don’t vet credentials.

Vetting credentials will allow you to find a reputable company to treat your mold problem quickly and efficiently. 

2. Mold Left behind

Another potentially disastrous scenario is the possibility of mold being left behind during the remediation process.

If mold is left behind, it has the potential to grow and spread, causing further issues. This could further infect other areas of your home and have negative impacts on your health.

Signs of Mold

If you suspect mold is in your house, there are a few key identifying signs to look out for, which include:

  • Moisture
  • Humidity
  • Mold visibility
  • Musty smell
  • Lack of ventilation

Additionally, you may experience health symptoms or develop a mold allergy. Signs of a mold allergy include:

  • Runny nose
  • Watery or itchy eyes
  • Coughing
  • Skin irritation

To avoid potential health issues, it is essential to avoid any mold inspection mistakes.

3. Ignoring the Cause of Mold

If you ignore the cause of mold in your home, your mold problems are sure to return.

Moisture is often the culprit for mold. The source of moisture needs to be determined. Check your home for any leaking pipes or air conditioning units. 

4. Neglecting Proper Protective Measures

The longer mold remains an issue in your home, the more likely it is to cause health issues for you and your family. If your mold inspection service neglects to use the proper protective measures, mold colonies can take over your furniture. 

If the infected areas are not properly sealed off, mold spores will continue to spread during the removal process. 

5. Failure to Part With Mold-Infested Items

This can be a hard reality to accept. Once mold has taken hold of your home in areas such as carpet and drywall, it can quickly begin to penetrate your most prized possessions. 

Failure to part with any mold-infested items is a recipe for disaster. If you want to avoid mold reinfecting your home, it’s best to eliminate any mold-infected items.

Mold Inspection Mistakes

At Elite Mold Services, you can expect thorough mold testing and inspections from reliable experts you can trust. Avoid any mold inspection mistakes by partnering with an experienced company you can trust. 

Contact us today to get more information on the highest quality environmental evaluations for your home. Elite Mold Servies will treat your property with the utmost respect, providing you with knowledgeable recommendations.