Mold is often overlooked and undetected by homeowners, but it can lead to serious problems if it’s left unchecked. According to recent statistics, approximately 70 percent of homeowners have some type of mold in their homes. 

If you’re wondering whether or not getting a professional mold home inspection is right for you, there are several things to keep in mind.

Read on to learn more about what a mold inspection is, and why it’s important. 

Signs You May Need a Mold Home Inspection

If you suspect there’s mold in your home but you can’t see it, then a mold home inspection is recommended. There are several signs that you might be dealing with mold indoors.

First, a strong musty odor is one of the most common signs that mold is present. Unseen water damage or leaks can cause mold to grow inside walls, under flooring, and in other hidden areas. Mildewy, woody, and generally rotten odors are common if mold is there.

Look for rot or water stains on floors, foundations, and walls. Areas like the basement, attic, and rooms where moisture is present like kitchens and bathrooms should be checked.

Of course, visual signs like discoloration or spots on the walls are obvious signs of mold. Whether you see it or smell it, these signs mean that a home inspection is in order.

What is a Mold Inspection?

When you hire a professional mold inspection team, they’ll perform several tests including checking your home for visual signs. A Certified Mold Inspector will perform all of the inspections and check the most common areas for any mold growth.

The inspector will use a special thermal imaging infrared tool to scan for mold. They’ll also use special radio-wave moisture intrusion detectors to find hidden mold.

An HVAC mold test including checking the air handler and ductwork will be conducted. If any problem areas are found, digital photos are taken to document these parts of your home. Then, you’ll get some suggestions for any mold testing that may be required after the inspection.

If mold is present, you will also receive recommendations for mold removal. It’s important to eliminate mold as soon as possible to keep it from spreading and affecting your health and well-being.

Buying a New Home and Mold Inspections

Whether you’re purchasing an older home or new construction, it’s a good idea to get a mold home inspection. This is particularly important if you live in a humid, moist climate.

Even brand-new homes can suffer a water leak, resulting in water damage that can cause mold to grow. Always consider getting a mold inspection any time you’re buying a home, regardless of its age.

If you catch the presence of mold before you put in an offer, the current homeowner is responsible to remove it. Don’t leave the biggest investment you’ll make to chance. Always get a mold inspection, just to give you peace of mind.

Mold Causes Serious Health Problems

An important reason why you may need a mold home inspection is that it can cause a range of health issues for you and your family. When mold is present, you could suffer from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems.

Breathing in tiny mold spores can wreak havoc on your health. If you can’t see it or smell it, you could be breathing it in for months or even years without knowing it.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), mold can cause upper respiratory tract irritation, make asthma symptoms worse, and more. Symptoms like coughing and wheezing are common in those living near or around the mold.

Exposure to mold can also cause severe headaches or migraines, lethargy, and brain fog. Infants, children, and the elderly are the most vulnerable in terms of dealing with the health effects of mold.

Over time, exposure to mold can cause permanent chronic health conditions. Getting an inspection and then removing the mold is the best way to keep your family healthy and safe.

Does Mold Harm the Structure of a Home?

Mold is not pleasant to look at, and it can grow over time without proper remediation. The growth of mold rarely damages the structure of a home, but it can eat away at wood and other organic materials.

The sooner you get rid of the mold in your home, the less costly your repairs will be. Severe cases of mold can cause significant damage to drywall and wood. 

Fungus is more dangerous to most structures than mold. Both are a product of too much moisture, so it’s important to get an inspection just to make sure neither is present. Finding mold and fungus at the source and removing it is the best way to keep your home’s structure sound.

Mold removal may include removing sections of your interior walls, support beams, and other components. In this case, you’ll pay more for the removal since you’ll also have to pay to replace damaged parts of the home.

Get Your Home Inspected Today

From mild or chronic health problems to costly structural damage, there are many reasons why you should consider getting a mold home inspection. The sooner you find the source and fix the problem, the safer your home and family will be.

If you live in Orlando or Central Florida and are concerned about mold, contact the team at Elite Mold Services Inc. to find out how we can help you today!