So you’ve found mold in your house, you understand the potential health problems mycotoxins can cause, and you’ve called a mold remediation company. You want to prepare for the process, but you’re not sure what to expect.

Is there anything you need to do to prepare? Should you invest in a mold remediation supervisor for added peace of mind?

Read on to prepare yourself for the mold remediation process.

Before the Company Arrives

A few days before the set date, move your furniture around to clear an area around the remediation area. This allows the company to get to work without having to maneuver around obstacles.

On the day of your mold remediation service, put any pets in a separate area. You should also move any vehicles out of the driveway and into the garage. The area should be as clear as possible.

The Mold Remediation Assessment

The first step is an assessment. A specialist will make an inspection assessment using techniques like air quality testing and moisture surveys.

They will determine the next steps, then examine the location and cause of the mold, as well as determine if there is any mold out of sight in the ceiling and walls.

If the problem is the result of a moisture problem, such as a leaky pipe, you may have to fix the issue before the mold remediation.


The remediation company will lay down plastic or polyurethane sheeting to prevent spreading the spores around. This helps to isolate the problem during the remediation process. A HEPA-filtered air scrubber removes mold spores.

Suiting Up

At this point, the mold removal specialists will suit up in protective gear. This usually includes a full-body suit, goggles, booties, and a respirator mask.

To homeowners getting mold remediation performed for the first time, this can sometimes cause alarm. However, the suiting up process is standard procedure whether the mold is toxic or not.

Removing Affected Materials

At this point, the mold removal team will remove any materials damaged by the mold. These materials can include drywall, insulation, carpet, etc.

Affected materials will be packaged and sealed in air-tight plastic bags. These will then get sprayed to eliminate any spores on the bag. The sprays are usually a biocide, which keeps mold from reproducing.

Spray the Mold

The mold removal team will then spray the area with a biocide. There is then a waiting period as the biocide works and dries.

An encapsulating product is a mold-resistant coating that prevents mold from coming back. However, before the encapsulating product can be applied, the surface needs to be completely dry. 

The team will then remove and dispose of the plastic sheeting and may use a special vacuum cleaner to kill any remaining spores.

Final Testing

A trained indoor air quality specialist can then inspect the area. A certified inspector will check the air quality in your home to ensure the remediation process was successful. Elite Mold Services offers post remediation verification (PRV) inspections and testing. Often referred to as “clearance testing”, this evaluation is performed by a mold or indoor air quality (IAQ) specialist to help determine if the remediation scope-of-work (remediation protocol) was followed and if the recently cleaned environment has returned to a healthy livable space. The post-remediation verification should never be performed by the remediation contractor and is required to be a separate third-party company. However, many times this evaluation is scheduled through remediation contractors or through the homeowners themselves.

Clearance testing is a vital step in the process, as this third-party specialist makes sure that the home is safe and healthy to live in again and that the mold remediation company followed all protocols.

Prepare for the Mold Removal Process

Now you know how to prepare for the mold remediation process. Make sure to start preparing a few days in advance and contact a mold services company for post-remediation verification.

At Elite Mold Services, our state-licensed mold inspectors and indoor air quality specialists follow all protocols for testing and inspections. Schedule an appointment today!