Did you know that about 70 percent of homes around the nation have mold? Yes, you read that right. So if you’re interested in Environmental Relative Moldiness Index, or ERMI mold testing, you’re not alone!

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If that’s the case, take a look at the answers to your top five frequently asked questions today!

1. What Is ERMI, Exactly?

Created by the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Environmental Relative Moldiness Index was originally established to detect the level of mold in American homes. Based on unique findings from almost 40 different molds, the ERMI mold testing uses “mold-specific quantitative polymerase chain reactions” to calculate an index number. This number is used to compare the amount of mold in your home to the EPA database of reference houses.

2. How Do ERMI Tests Work, Anyway?

Using a small dust sample from your home, the ERMI test analyzes this sample with a “mold-specific quantitative polymerase chain reaction.” This is typically the best way to quantify different types of molds. Next, an algorithm is usually used to figure out the water damage ratio for your home. After that, the amount of mold in your home is scored using the Environmental Relative Moldiness Index.

Pro tip: Your ERMI value should be anywhere between 20 and -10!

3. How Was ERMI Created?

During early trials by the US Environmental Protection Agency, the concentration of different types of molds in reference homes and moldy comes were analyzed side-by-side. The result wasn’t surprising: Various mold species spiked in homes that were moldier than others. To figure out your ERMI score, the level of mold in your home is compared to the level of mold in the EPA’s reference home database.

4. What Are the Perks of ERMI Testing?

The biggest perk of ERMI testing is it only takes one dust sample to get the job done. This is much more convenient than using more standard methods of mold screening. Plus, short-term air samples are much less representative of mold levels as time goes on, especially when compared to carpet dust samples.

5. When Should I Conduct an ERMI Test?

If you suspect that there’s an unhealthy level of mold in your house, then there’s nothing wrong with conducting an ERMI test in your home. Although every home contains mold, not every species of mold is always present during the time of ERMI testing. This is a great idea if you feel like there is an intolerable amount of mold in your home that’s affecting your breathing and respiratory functioning.

Everything You Need to Know About ERMI Mold Testing

Still curious about everything you need to know about ERMI mold testing in and around Orlando Florida? From getting an EPA report on ERMI mold tests to ERMI mold test cost, our handy guide has exactly what you’re looking for.

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