Approximately 70% of homes experience some level of mold growth. While some of this mold is, more or less, harmless, other types of mold can be dangerous to be around. 

What you might be wondering, then, is: do you need mold testing services for your home? You just might. Here are 8 signs that you do. 

1. Your Home Smells Like Mold

A surefire sign that you need mold remediation is that your home smells like mold. Mold has a musty and pungent odor, something like rotten vegetables or plants. You’ll typically detect it if it exists because it’s generally far different from any other odor that exists in the home. 

Essentially all musty smells stem from mold growth, whether it’s mild or severe. So the second you detect it, give your local mold testing company a call. 

2. Your Home Is Overly Humid

Is your home regularly subject to a great deal of humidity? If so, there’s likely mold growing somewhere within.

Mold growth is brought on by the presence of moisture. Humidity is simply moisture in the air. Therefore, if humidity is high, moisture presence is high as well and thus is likely to inspire mold growth. 

This is why it’s common to find mold in homes that lack air conditioners. Air conditioners work to remove humidity from the air. When they’re not present, mold is allowed to grow uninhibited. 

3. Your Home Lacks Ventilation

Ventilation is vital in allowing moisture to escape from the home. When a home isn’t properly ventilated, moisture builds up, thus resulting in mold growth. 

Therefore, if your home lacks ventilation, you can be reasonably sure that mold exists somewhere in your home. Mold commonly grows in attics for this reason: they’re often improperly ventilated. 

Note, though, that this can happen in all areas of the home. You can prevent it from happening, though, by opening your windows for a prolonged period of time every month or so. 

4. You See Mold 

This is an obvious one: if you see mold growing in your home, you should have your home tested. Even if it’s just a small bit of mold, it could very easily be indicative of more mold growth within your walls or floors. 

What does mold look like? It has a furry consistency and is generally green, black, white, or orange. You’ll most typically find it around baseboards, though it can be found on walls and ceilings as well. 

The second you see mold, you should use soap and water to wash it away. This will help stop it from spreading. To eradicate mold in your home entirely, however, you should use the services of a mold testing and mold remediation company.

5. You’re Having an Allergic Reaction to Something You Can’t Detect 

It’s possible to be allergic to all sorts of substances. Mold is no exception. The issue with mold allergies, though, is that it’s difficult to detect if mold is the culprit or not. 

Why? Because mold tends to hide. And therefore, it can spur an allergic reaction in a person seemingly out of nowhere. 

So if your eyes are constantly itchy, if you’re getting rashes in your skin, if you’re coughing and sneezing uncontrollably, all without a noticeable reason, consider having your home tested for different types of mold. By detecting and eradicating existing mold, you can treat your mold allergy for the foreseeable future. 

6. Your Pets Are Acting Strange Without an Obvious Reason

It’s not just us human beings who can be affected by mold. Dogs, cats, and other living beings can be affected by it as well. So if your dog or cat is wheezing, sneezing often, or just having trouble breathing in general, consider having your home tested for mold. 

Even the smallest traces of mold can induce allergy symptoms in dogs and cats. As such, it’s best to do away with mold sooner rather than later. 

7. There Was Recent Water Damage to Your Home

If there was recent water damage to your home, there’s no doubt: you need to have your home inspected for mold. As noted, water spurs mold growth. Therefore, water damage is almost certain to result in some form of mold appearing.

Have a roof leak? Maybe your basement was recently flooded? Perhaps a pipe burst in your wall?

All of these problems are a cause for concern. Schedule a mold inspection and put all your concerns to rest. 

8. You’re Getting Ready to Sell Your Home 

Getting ready to sell your home? If so, it would be wise to have it tested for mold.

Testing before the sale is vital, as it ensures that the prospective buyer doesn’t find a mold problem in the home during their precautionary inspection. If a mold problem is found by a prospective buyer, you’re bound to lose money on the sale price of the home. 

In the long run, it’s cheaper to hire a mold testing and mold remediation company yourself. This will guarantee that your home is cleared of mold and will therefore facilitate a smooth transaction. 

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