If your home is a breeding ground for mold, it can compromise your health and the overall quality of your home. It’s important that you take advantage of testing, inspections, and professional help to make sure that you’re handling your mold correctly.

The mold remediation market has a $24 billion value. There are several professionals that can handle your work piece by piece. It’s up to you to understand how to address your mold remediation correctly, starting with the inspection.

These tips will help you figure out whether a professional mold inspection is in order.

1. You See Visible Mold

The main and most obvious reason to get an inspection is if you see mold. If you’re experiencing visible signs of a mold problem, it might be even worse beneath the surface.

Allowing this issue to go unchecked will make it continuously breed and multiply. Notice the color, size, and pattern of the mold and take pictures for your reference.

2. You’re Experiencing Symptoms

You’ll need testing and mold remediation if you’re experiencing possible symptoms of irritation. People often feel allergic reactions to mold that show up in different ways.

For example, you might develop a skin rash if you come in contact with the mold. You might also deal with things like a runny nose, itchy throat, and red eyes.

Keep track of the symptoms of mold illnesses to make sure that you’re not developing increasing irritation.

3. Current Mold Is Spreading

Get mold testing from a professional if you’ve had a current mold issue that keeps spreading. This mold issue will keep multiplying both in terms of damage and health issues if you’re not careful. Testing will let you know the extent of the issue, and what you need to do to get it under control.

You can try some home remedies for getting rid of the mold in your home prior to calling a professional. This can include things like using bleach, baking soda and vinegar, peroxide, and other remedies. The remedy that you use also depends on the types of mold that you’re dealing with.

4. The Mold Is Seemingly Dangerous

Definitely get mold testing if you’re afraid that the mold in your home is even potentially dangerous. Black mold is one of the most serious types that you’ll find. Certain types of black mold can be incredibly toxic and can create health problems.

If you have any doubt about the mold in your household, you’re better off getting testing to alleviate any concerns. Allowing a problem to get worse can put your entire household in peril if you’re not careful.

5. You’re Smelling Odors

There’s also a distinct odor that you’ll smell if you have mold issues in your household. Mold is often the result of warm, damp areas. If you’re smelling mildew, it’s likely the result of mold breeding beneath the surface.

These odors could mean nothing in a vacuum, but they could also point to serious mold problems that you’ll need to contend with. The only way to know for sure is to hire a mold professional that can help you with testing, followed by some remediation services.

6. You’ve Had Flooding or Water Damage

If you’re dealing with any kind of water issues in your household, it’s critically important that you get a mold inspection from a pro. Mold can spread rapidly if you have recently dealt with a hurricane, flood, blizzard, or other weather event.

You’re also likely to deal with mold problems when your plumbing is out of whack. This can be due to a burst pipe or a plumbing leak. This mold can breed underneath your carpets or overtake your hard floor surfaces.

Even if you don’t immediately notice any mold problems, it’s a natural byproduct of water that has been allowed to sit for a long time. Do your best to dry out the water quickly using a wet vac, or at the very least run some fans. Once you have gotten the situation under control, call a professional that can offer the inspection that you need to highlight any mold problems.

7. You’re Making Property Changes

It’s always best to get a mold inspection if you’re undergoing any serious problems with your property. This can be due to a home sale or purchase. You’ll want to rule out mold issues anytime a property is getting ready to change hands.

It also makes sense to inspect for mold if you’re in the middle of refinancing or making changes to your homeowner’s insurance plan. Professionals might also check your property for mold if you’re getting ready to make upgrades like remodeling rooms, installing a new roof, changing out flooring, or installing new plumbing fixtures.

You’ll want to know if there’s any mold underneath the surface before doing any heavy lifting with your property. Getting an inspection upfront will take these mold spores out of hiding so that a pro can get rid of them completely and prevent mold from breeding.

Get a Professional Mold Inspection

These tips will help you when you need a professional mold inspection. An inspection is an incredibly important first step to take that will help you make informed decisions to better your property.

Now that you understand mold testing, you’ll need the assistance of the right mold company.

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