Here is a statistic you might not be prepared for: approximately seventy percent of homes have some form of mold. It is true that mold very often accrues and spreads when we least expect it, and can even go unnoticed for long periods. However, mold can lead to all manner of illnesses and respiratory problems for those living in your home. To prevent further spreading, it is incredibly important to take care of a mold problem as soon as it arises. This guide will break down five key signs that you may need to call a mold remediation service.

1. Unusual Odors

As you walk about your home, you may notice a certain smell in one area that seems off or unwelcome.

Types of mold can vary, but the most common descriptors for the smell of mold are stale, damp, or musty. Such is often the very first signal that your home is experiencing a mold problem that needs attention.

2. Leaks or Water Problems

Leaks or unwanted pooled moisture can be both a cause and effect of having mold in the home.

Mold can give way to rust, which can weaken pipes in your house and lead to plumbing problems and leakage. On the other hand, leaks or dark and wet areas can be breeding grounds for mold spores when left untended.

In either case, you should act quickly to avoid worsening conditions.

3. Odd Discoloration

As easily as one can spot a dank green color on a loaf of bread that’s gone bad, you might spot an area on a wall or cabinet that has taken on a strange hue. If the spot spreads, there’s almost no chance the cause is benign.

In any such case, you should have a mold remediation company perform a test right away.

4. Poor Ventilation

In many older homes, you may notice an area such as a small bathroom that may be left without a window, fan, or any kind of ventilation.

Moisture accumulates very quickly in these kinds of rooms, so a lack of ways for that moisture to escape can spell a mold problem that’s waiting to happen.

5. Changes In Health? Call a Mold Remediation Service Right Away

There is no single universal response that human bodies have to mold. However, if multiple people in your house suddenly experience cold or allergy symptoms like sinus problems, coughs, or headaches, there’s a significant chance that mold might be the common factor.

If a household sickness comes on the heels of any other previously listed warning sign, then you know it’s time for a “mold remediation near me” web search.

Don’t Wait For a Mold Problem to Spread

Mold remediation is nothing to hesitate about. After suspecting a mold problem, waiting only means letting health and structural problems within your home get out of hand.

Contact us at Elite Mold Services today and let our professionals take any mold hazards out of your life.