It might be hard to believe, but your home could be bad for your health.

If you consistently feel under the weather without having a cold or other illness, you could suffer from allergens in your home.

But what is an allergen? On its own, an allergen is typically harmless. They become dangerous when they cause a reaction, like wheezing or sneezing.

Allergens include dust, pollen, and mold. These things contaminate your indoor air.

How do you know if you have allergens in your home? Here are five compelling reasons to get a professional home allergens test.

1. You’re Not Normally Sick

Are you usually a healthy person but lately you find yourself coughing and wheezing a lot?

Even if you’ve been in your home for a while, allergens can develop over time. Maybe you lived for years in your home with no issues. But lately, it’s been a constant feeling of cold-like symptoms.

It never hurts to test for allergens in the home. Make sure it’s allergen-free while you continue enjoying your home.

2. You Suffer From Allergies or Asthma

With allergies and asthma, sometimes the question is like the chicken and the egg. Did allergens cause your asthma? Or did you have asthma that’s now worse because of allergens in your home?

People suffering from asthma, allergies, and other bronchial illnesses should regularly test their home for allergens. With these diseases, you are more likely to have serious health issues when in an allergen-filled environment.

3. Your Home is Dusty

Sometimes it seems like no amount of cleaning gets rid of all the dust.

Household dust from dust mites is one of the most common allergens. You’ll find the biggest source of dust mites in your bedroom. They settle in your pillows, bed coverings, and your mattress.

If you wake up most nights feeling stuffy and congested, it’s time to test for allergens.

4. You Have Pets

Pet dander is another common allergen found in homes.

But we’re sure you’d rather keep your pets and get rid of the allergens they leave behind.

Test your home to determine if pet dander is an issue. Work with professionals trained to identify and recommend safe allergen solutions.

5. Your Home is Damp

Living in a humid, damp climate can introduce mold into your home. And where there are damp conditions, mold grows.

Mold causes serious health reactions, including flu-like symptoms, trouble breathing, and skin irritation.

Test for mold and treat immediately if it’s found in your home.

Be Safe With a Home Allergens Test

It’s better to be safe with a home allergens test than to live with allergens in your home. Trust professionals to test for and identify harmful allergens in your home.

We’ve served the Orlando & Central Florida since 2006. Since we don’t perform mold clean-up, you can trust our honest testing and recommendations about mold and allergens in your home.

Contact us today for unbiased testing to help make your home a safe place for you and your family.