Mold Inspections

A mold inspection or assessment is the first, and most important, tool in detecting hidden mold issues or conditions that could be leading to hidden mold growth. Many times there are water intrusion issues occurring that are hidden from view & can only be detected with special equipment. Elite Mold Services will provide a complete inspection of the premises to determine if there are conditions that could be leading to microbial growth. We check all walls for hidden moisture, take temperature & humidity readings throughout the property, pay close attention to the rooms with plumbing such as; bathrooms, kitchens & laundry rooms, along with checking the HVAC system (air handler & ductwork) for visible mold growth. This will help us determine the issue(s) occurring in order to determine the next steps for resolving the problem.

EMS inpection mold behind the wall.

This includes a visual inspection of the property for any obvious mold/fungal growth. We also include a water intrusion test in all areas that are prone to high moisture. We then can make a suggestion based on our findings and usually recommend sampling or a remediation procedure. All inspections include digital photos of problem areas as well as a computer generated report.

There are many different mold & indoor air quality services we are proud to offer the Orlando Florida & Central Florida areas. Almost all mold testing is performed after a thorough mold inspection. This will help identify hidden mold problems, find visible mold growth, locate "musty" odors or find hidden moisture or leaks.

Certified mold inspectors will perform a visual inspection on your home using the latest moisture detecting equipment to help identify possible areas where mold could be hiding.

Our Complete Inspection Process

  • A complete visual inspection of interior & exterior
  • Certified Mold Inspector performs all inspections
  • Check all common locations for mold growth
  • A thermal imaging provided for inspections
  • Radio-wave moisture intrusion test
  • Evaluate HVAC system; blower fan, air handler, ducts
  • Check attic for hidden mold growth or water stains
  • Digital photos taken of all problem areas
  • Computerized report for documentation
  • Suggestions for mold testing made after inspection

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